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Our minds are constantly being bombarded by thoughts. It's like the thoughts are on a conveyor belt that is continually moving through our mind relaying ideas to us.

A thought enters into our mind and we instantly choose to do something with it. We may choose to ignore it, we may choose to acknowledge it and make a mental note for future referance, or we may choose to act on it in some way. This is where it is so important that we be aware and always vigilant. It"s like Creator is telling us, "Wake up!"

Let's say, for example, that someone does a mean-spirited act against us. The thought may come to us acknowledging that they did this act. Then a thought may come that the act was mean-spirited. This may be followed by a thought that we should retaliate in some way. Then a thought may come about how we could retaliate. Now, someplace along this train of thought, a negative spirit entered.

As we test the spirit of our thoughts, we realize that to retaliate is to generate negative energy within our own heart. This would cause separation between us and Creator. This shows why we must always remain vigilant in regard to our thoughts, and control them.

If we want to continue a close walk in companionship with our heavenly Father, as soon as we recognize a thought with a negative spirit, we need to discard it. We can then generate a positive thought along the lines of, what is a loving thing I could do in response to the mean-spirited thing this person did to me?

This in turn will glorify our heavenly Father and give Him tremendous pleasure. And another wonderful benefit is that creating positive energy in our heart in this way would move us one step closer to a oneness with Him. Oneness with Him equates to eternal life in His presence, so this is a really good thing!

We can do this if we choose to do it!

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Thought Choice

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This article was published on 2010/03/27