Tips To Get Over Relationship Breakup

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It is a real shock for everyone when hearing the word break up from their partner. If you are one of those, go on reading this article.


If your mind is filled up with thoughts about your ex and you just stop thinking him or her, then you really need to do something. Carrying on like this can make you go crazy .


Find out about an amazingly quick technique to get relief from breakup pain at the end of this article.


Here are a few thought stopping techniques that you could use:


1. Set aside some time, let it be 10 minutes or whatever you think is suitable for you. This will be your time to obsess about your ex and to keep thinking about them.

Don't try to stop the thoughts, if you feel angry let the anger be there. If you miss your ex, then allow yourself to miss them.

When you just accept whatever thoughts are coming, they lose their sting and stop affecting you that much.


After your time is up , go on with your daily activities. If the thoughts come up again. just tell yourself that you will allow yourself more time with these thoughts in the evening again.


2. Try to break the pattern. After you have completed step 1, thoughts about your ex may still arise. It is then that you should break this pattern. Say STOP or maybe even pinch yourself or maybe start to laugh out loud or even cry. This way the mind will move on to something else and the pattern would be broken.

As you keep doing this everyday, these thoughts will stop arising on their own.


Most of the times, these two techniques are enough to stop you from panicking and getting rid of the thoughts which keep hurting you.


Now, there is one more way to get relief from breakup pain and depression. The technique is given by a relationship expert and usually makes the person feel better within minutes.

Since the information is copyrighted I wont put it here, but just point you to it so you can find it out for yourself.


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Tips To Get Over Relationship Breakup

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This article was published on 2010/05/19
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